Bear with us and enjoy Crypkit for free!

It seems that bears have been extremely hungry. They have been feasting on crypto market for quite some time now. Because of that the whole crypto world is going through a bear market (actual term). We in Crypkit are still keeping our heads cool though and you should too.

You may have noticed that we are offering the highest version of Crypkit, under the name of Gold, for free until the end of November. You must have noticed that crypto market is going through some rough times these days.

We noticed that too. Crypto market is the same like every other market on the planet (except it isn’t). Therefore, it has its own stages, where on the one side even Elon Musk would be happy for its capabilities of reaching the Moon (maybe even Mars?), and on the other side its willingness to dig deep and scare the *hit out of everyone.

But as we said we do believe in a future of cryptocurrencies regardless of ongoing, but natural bear market. To prove we are not just blabbering around with empty words, we decided to fight it and extend our promotion for Crypkit Gold.

BUT! We are not going to tell you it’s free for another week, month nor a year. Since we believe in crypto market (just in case we didn’t mention it earlier) we are offering Crypkit Gold for free until the Bitcoin reaches the value of at least $7,000!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can enjoy all the features Crypkit provides for free for as long as the bear market is over. And there is no catch. Until bitcoin has value of at least 7000 USD, Crypkit Gold is free to use.

It doesn’t matter if it reaches the value in a week (YAY!), month (yay!) or a year (yay). The promotion is not limited by any date. The only limit is the value of Bitcoin. That means a win-win situation for you, even though the second win might be just a cosmetic one, but it’s still a win.

By this we would like to help the community at least a bit and to show you that we really do care about our users and the product we offer.

Try Crypkit for Free

We would also appreciate if you could share the news with your same-minded friends and other crypto enthusiasts to show them that this is all but just a little hiccup of a promising technology.

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