Berlin Blockchain Week – action packed events

Crypkit team visited Berlin Blockchain Week 2019, where multiple crypto conferences and side events took place.

Just to list the biggest one here:

Dappcon: 3 day conference, focused mostly on dApp developers and Etherum ecosystem (content on YT)
Web3 Summit: 3 day conference for leaders of Web3 ecosystem, mostly from Ethereum, Polkadot and Cosmos networks (content on YT)
Dotcon: One day event focused on Polkadot
Daofest: One day meetup for DAO projects and fans (content on YT) One day event focused on tokenomics (content on YT)
ETHBerlinZwei: one of the series of 4 day hackathons for ETH buidlers (content on YT)

Apart from these, we attended multiple workshop and side events, and initated multiple interesting partnerships.

We met many passionate BUIDLers and interesting projects that may shape the decentralized future. First we attended Dotcon, which outlined the progress of Polkadot Network. Polkadot, which has strong base in Berlin, is building an ecosystem focused on interoperability, governance and Web3 vision.

We were very surprised by progress in decentralized autonomous organizations. Many DAOs are growing and supporting Ethereum ecosystem, – dxDAO (and whole Daostack platform), Metacartel , Panvala, MolochDAO…

It’s exciting to see so many experiments around human coordination, transparency and sustainable treasury management. We aim to target DAOs as customers for our reporting and accounting tools.

Dappcon and ETHBerlinZwei hackathon were mostly focused on ever growing Ethereum ecosystem. Read about 14 dopest projects that came from hackathon here. ETH community is very vibrant and we have no doubt it will continue to lead research and development in many areas of blockchains, governance and decentralized finance.

Also surprising was high quality content on TEGG ( Token Engineering Global Gathering), where researchers, analysts and developers discussed the way how tokens benefit (or harm) their networks and dApps. Long gone are days of 2017 utility token ICOs. How to design incentives around the network and it’s tokens is now a serious academic discipline. Tools like incentivai and cadCAD , can help developers and investors to model and stress-test tokens of projects and their dynamics. As active crypto investors, we really welcome these efforts.

Berlin Blockchain Week was worth attending and we can’t wait to be here next year, participating on decentralized future.

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