Bitcoin Conference Zlin

Czech republic is well known bastion of crypto enthusiasts. We attended Bitcoin Conference in Czech city Zlin, where Matej – our co-founder – had a keynote about institutions starting to invest in crypto markets.

Here are some cliff notes from the keynote:

  • Big players have many shapes and forms. From VCs, hedge funds, family offices to big ICOs and miners pooling their capital to manage it professionally.
  • Traditional institutions are slowly waking up to cryptocurrencies and digital assets as new kind of investable assets, but they struggle with regulations and fast pace of the markets.
  • New kind of investment funds – specialized crypto-funds – are being born and start to dominate the space. These are more tech-oriented and in crypto they have edge over their traditional counterparts.
  • ICOs are on the decline and many players look to STOs (tokenized securities) as the next killer app for blockchain. NFTs, 2nd layer solutions and hybrid token models are still underrated.
  • Active network participation (staking, relaying, participating in governance and supporting crypto-networks in any other way) is also becoming more popular by big players.
  • Hype cycle abruptly ended and now it is time for hard questions by all professional investors, we have still much to learn about this new emerging industry.
If you think first slide was a bit cheesy, here is the second one :)

According to Matej, there are three main macro approaches:

  1. Opportunistic (short term trading, arbitrage, market making)
  2. Probabilistic (investing into diversified range of different cryptos, indexing)
  3. Deterministic (investing in just one asset/ecosystem, usually with active support)
  4. We are proud, that Crypkit starts to be recognized by professional crypto investors not only from Gibraltar, but worldwide.
  5. If you are professional crypto investor, and would like to try Crypkit, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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