Crypkit Conference in Gibraltar

In cooperation with Crypkit team delivered a crypto seminar to 35 compliance officers in Gibraltar. The conference with a name Effective Toolkit for Crypto Compliance was organized by Gibraltar Association of Compliance Officers (GACO) and Pavel Stehno from Crypkit team was the speaker.

First part of the event looked at how various blockchains work and digged deeper into conceptual background of Bitcoin network. Thanks to many visual demonstrations the audience was able to connect the dots in their knowledge and get a comprehensive understanding of how this technology really works.

Second part on Source of funds check in Crypto world included real life case study and showcased tools for AML in the cryptocurrency world. We learned about clusters, ways how to inspect history and discussed dashboards for evaluation of every crypto case. We established that “clean or dirty bitcoin” in itself is a flawed paradigm and looked at the direct and indirect exposures to illicit activities. We concluded that good crypto toolset can help decypher all “crypto mysteries” and allow compliance officers to make confident and correct decisions.

Final part was focused specifically on operations of Crypto funds such as Gibraltar based EiFs or Private schemes and showed how Crypkit can add value to its operations providing answers to these questions:

  • Where are the crypto assets custodied?
  • What´s the portfolio allocation?
  • What´s the NAV?
  • How to conveniently provide data to accountants and auditors?
  • Which valuation rates should be used?
  • How to keep track of ICO investments?
  • How to oversee compliance with investment strategy?
  • How to track performance 24/7 and potentially share with investors?
  • How to eliminate all unnecessary manual work in current processes?

Crypkit is a fully fledged crypto fund backend that is a program of choice for Gibraltarian funds as well as a welcomed tool for local suppliers such as fund administrators, accountants, auditors, EiF directors.

 Pavel on stage

If you have any questions to the above or are interested in using Crypkit software for your crypto fund, please reach out directly to Pavel via

We are excited about Crypkit ongoing expansion in the Gibraltar market and will be more than happy to help you.

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