Crypkit Development Update 1

Welcome to the first of our Crypkit development updates.

From December last year we changed a lot:

1. Frontend graphics overhaul 

We were not satisfied with the way Crypkit looked, so we decided to give it more modern and fresh style, while making the data easier to visualise.

Compare old and new dashboard:

Old dashboard was a bit clumsy.

Data is clear, but there is too much unused blank space, and colors are a bit bland

New dashboard – more data, brighter colors, much better 🙂

Our work here is not finished, we plan to keep tweaking the looks and UX, but the dominant style should not change drastically anytime soon.

You can enjoy the new design for free. Crypkit will be free for all our retail packages until BTC hits 7k USD.

2. Security measures

What took us the most time and focus were enhanced security measures, following our unfortunate security breach.

We won’t go into details, but we spent hundreds of hours on tweaking our security, encrypting and separating sensitive data, pen-testing our servers and applications. We realise we can’t  become complacent. Our effort to secure every piece of data will continue.

Regarding the security breach itself, we are proud to claim, that not only the funds were saved, but in cooperation with the exchange and international law enforcement we are on track to find the perpetrators.

3. Additional features

We finalised majority of requirements for our portfolio tracking and accounting tools for our Enterprise clients.

For example:
– Three methods of share calculations for investment funds
– Multiple valuation sources
– Referrers
– UX and table overhaul for client section
– Export of data for auditors and fund admins
– Support of two additional blockchains (ZEC and NEO)

What is next?

Most of the serious work with accounting, balance tracking, security and connecting exchanges is already done and tested. Now our team will slowly start switching focus to exciting stuff such as analytic tools.

You can also look forward to support of more blockchains such as EOS, Tezos or Decred. For Enterprise clients we are preparing Payments module, that will be very useful for funds, blockchain projects and ICOs which often hold and spend cryptocurrencies and tokens.

We would like to thank our fans, testers and friends for helping us. Let’s keep BUIDLing!

We welcome questions and feedback: info[at]

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