Crypkit Revamped: New Vision and Developments

Over the last 3 quarters, the crypto industry had a steady growth in the DeFi space. New protocols have been continuously emerging, mainly on Ethereum, and on other (for now) less known blockchains such as Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos among others. Considering the rapid growth of the DeFi space and the lack of advanced & comprehensive tracking solutions on the market, we have decided to focus on this area specifically. 

Our mission is to be the first screen for DeFi tracking for professional investors and DeFi power users

With this new vision, our goals are to keep expanding support for CEXs, DEXs, blockchains and DeFi platforms (both Ethereum-based and others). We will also be putting extra attention to the UX/UI design. The DeFi market is complicated as it is, and we believe a clear display of the asset allocation (lending, staking, rewards) is going to be extremely helpful for the investors. 

With the above in mind, the below changes also took place.

Crypto Tracker is now free

The first major announcement would be the most beneficial to the professional investor. Namely, we are making Crypkit Tracker a free tool (previously the monthly charge was 19 EUR). The website has been redesigned to reflect those changes so now you can just go ahead and click on the free signup

All our existing customers will be assigned the full & free version of the Cryptki Tracker. 

Expanding our DeFi support

The rise of Decentralized Finance has brought complexity into tracking all the new features of programmable money. This is why we have continued working on adding support for new projects that emerge in this niche. Crypkit now supports 0x, Aave, Compound, Nexus Mutual, Synthetix, in addition to the older ones like Maker, and Curve. 

We are dedicated to continually updating the support as new projects and needs emerge. 

Design improvements 

New design changes have been made to enhance visibility and the general user experience. 

  • We have added logos and new formatting for crypto/fiat names and tickers for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Now, you can visually find your desired crypto much faster
  • In addition, we have added a two-line display to the table. We saved some space on the table and have improved the “cleanliness” of the layout.
  • Improved charts, fonts and colors have been added to enhance the overall feel of the graphic interface. 

What’s ahead? 

Besides working further on the UX and UI, we are focused on increasing security and responsiveness. This is why ahead are the plans for introducing a 2FA security mechanism into the user’s account. 

Timely changing data is of utmost importance for properly tracking your portfolio so we are working on improving the speed by which the data is updated.

If you have not already, sign up for free to use the Crypkit Tracker tool and check out its features. 

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