Crypkit teams up with Anyblock Analytics

Anyblock Analytics is a German firm that offers tools and services for searching, processing and analyzing information about the blockchain data. Their solutions range from cross-chain oracles, token monitoring, legacy IT integration, block explorer, real-time block-chain data search, various APIs and many more. 

The platform aims to bring the most accurate and versatile coin-tracking features to the market. Anyblock has been mostly focused on the enterprise level use-case, thus it must adhere to the highest of standards in regards to accuracy, reliability and speed. 

With these solutions and approaches aligned with our mission at Crypkit, we have come to think that it is only natural to establish a partnership between companies. We are using this opportunity to express our satisfaction with their service and assert our intent to have Anyblock solutions powering some of the functionalities of our platform. 

Problems with free data providers

The problem our platform was facing was getting inaccurate data when it comes to tokens. Services like Etherscan and Ethplorer have been our first go-to solutions. We have used them in combination to track both transactions and balances but their reliability has not always met our expectations. Our requirement was to process raw data and we also cared about the correctness of the data (including the complete deposit and withdrawal history). We searched and struggled to find the right solution for us until we came across Anyblock Analytics. 

The majority of the providers on the market offer free of charge services, thus the limitations and sometimes the inaccurate information. 

Setting aside a budget for the right solution was therefore a no-brainer as we are constantly seeking to improve our service of cryptocurrency tracking and monitoring and we deeply care about high quality of our own services.

Anyblock solutions

The main advantage of using Anyblock is a fast & reliable blockchain API with a query time usually below 100 ms. As we at Crypkit provide a solution for real-time tracking, the speed of the query is highly important for us. In addition, they enable a load balancer with multiple nodes and multiple client support like Parity/OpenEthereum & Besu clients for Ethereum, without having to run your own node.

The other important feature for us is the blockchain support number as we need to provide the most complete solution. Anyblock supports 22+ blockchains including their testnets which is also a highly significant point. These include major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin but also ETC, POA, xDAI, Energy Web Chain and more.

Besides these options, the APIs are elastic and can fetch specific transactions for addresses. For Crypkit, as a user-centric platform, having user-specific information is a must. Ethereum block & transaction tracing, token metadata and smart contract source codes with ABIs are included, and real-time & archive data with access to enriched data via Anyblock Index enable human-readable names & scaled numbers.

We are currently utilizing their most elastic search APIs like the JSON RPC API which can be used by web3 libraries to query blockchains directly. It allows us to read the information contained in smart-contracts which is necessary for tracking staking and DeFi specific operations. Their SQL DB (postgres), unlike Etherscan, doesn’t have any query limitations and provides indexed Etherum data – transactions, events and traces. 

Partnership agreement

Anyblock has been trusted by a large array of partners and clients like Chainlink, Raiden Network, ITSA (International Token Standardization Association), Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, DAO stack, Frankfurt School’s blockchain center, Tezos, Cashlink, Energy Web and many more established and reputable organizations. 

We are proud to join this list of partners and clients. Crypkit’s goal is to bring the most reliable and all-encompassing cryptocurrency tracking and accounting solution on the market.

With this partnership, we aim to improve our solution and enable our users with the most complete and accurate service that can assist in their tracking and accounting operations.

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