Event in Parallel Polis – Big crypto players

Czech and Slovak crypto scene is buzzing with life, and maintains true cypherpunk ethos and ideals. However there is no denying that crypto and blockchain is slowly entering mainstream and institutional adoption.

Matej, our co-founder, held a talk in Parallel Polis, famous hackerspace in Bratislava, Slovakia, in order to outline the landscape of institutional actors within the crypto space.

Parallel Polis is a coffee and coworking space for hackers, libertarians, crypto-anarchists and cypherpunks. They only accept cryptocurrencies and they play a crucial role in education and spreading the word about crypto and blockchain.

While cypherpunks and developers are focused on developing cryptocurrencies and privacy tools, and spreading the word, big investors from Silicon Valley, portfolio managers from Wall street and traders in London are eyeing these new emerging assets, because they offer asymmetric risk:reward to portfolio allocators and market inefficiencies that can be exploited by quant traders.

Matej also spoke about exchanges, stakers and miners being very influential players on the market, as well as governments (which hold more than 2.6% of BTC supply, gained in seizures from criminal activities). Other big topic he tackled was new trends in crypto investing.

Some cypherpunks in the audience pointed out, that data analysis of Bitcoin blockchain will become much harder with upcoming privacy improvements for BTC network.
Crypkit’s clients are mostly investors and traders, but we hold developer community in very high regard, and we aim to bridge the gap investors and developers within crypto ecosystem. We thank everyone who attended the meetup and look forward to next one.

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