Hello, world!

Welcome to the first blogpost on our new website. This website might be new but Crypkit is not. We are working on it in subtlety for almost one whole year.

Crypkit started as a side project of couple of friends who were investing and trading cryptocurrencies.

It was 2017, crypto markets were growing quickly. To track everything manually in excel sheets was not sustainable. We needed a tool to help us track our crypto investments, which we pooled together. We needed something smart, to save time and automate all boring administration.

Sheets are cool, but can only take you so far…

Thus, Crypkit was born.

It looked a bit shabby and had only couple of features at that time. But it did help us a lot.

After initial bootstrapping, testing and using it ourselves, it occurred to us we may offer our tool to other crypto investors and traders, who also cannot find suitable portfolio tracking tool on the market.

We raised small seed investment from our friend and fellow crypto-enthusiast and investor. This helped us to focus and establish small full-time team.

Crypkit 0.1, ancient version written in Shiny (now re-written in Python)

In the meantime, we also got a big demand from our peer group of investors to invest with us. We set up official regulated crypto-based investment fund in Gibraltar. Then we iterated Crypkit to help us manage the whole operations of the fund. Be it CRM, investor shares, PnL tracking, valuations and accounting. That is now the core of our Crypkit Enterprise.

We look at our products from perspective of developers, analysts, B2C and B2B clients. This dynamic is great, because we give ourselves immediate and honest feedback. We ourselves are our own first (and very criticising) client.

And we do realize it is not perfect. Not yet.

“Better done than perfect” is our motto, Agile Development is our game.

We are expecting lots of feedback and suggestions from you – our fans and customers.

There are so many ideas for features and tools to make your crypto investing and trading more efficient. Some of them we already work on, others are just waiting to be brought to the light.

Ongoing bear market of 2018 is great opportunity to buckle down, #BUIDL and prepare for the next wave of crypto adoption.

It´s very exciting to start sharing this journey with you. If you have anything to say to us, please CONTACT US.

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