Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019

Malta, with it’s crypto-friendly regulations, is very interesting market for blockchain and crypto projects, be it ICOs, exchanges (even Binance is headquartered in Malta) or crypto investment funds.

Malta also hosts AI & Blockchain Summit, this year was a second year of this event.

We attended the event in order to better map out the market and meet fellow crypto enthusiasts and professionals. Conference, happening in beautiful venue of Hilton, was packed with attendants, content and companies promoting their services.

Two crypto projects that caught our interest in particular were:

SingularityNET – building decentralized network and marketplace for AI agents.
Geon Network – Pokemon GO meets geocaching and crypto.

We also talked to many lawyer firms and fund administrators, who are incorporating crypto investment funds and companies in Malta. There is increasing interest among investment institutions in crypto to incorporate in Malta. While regulation is very friendly here, institutional investors in crypto still struggle with the same challenges as anywhere else:

  • How to track and value crypto-asset portfolios?
  • How to seamlessly audit trades and positions from multiple exchanges and wallets?
  • Who are reliable data providers for price feeds for NAV valuations?
  • How to adhere to accounting rules dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens?

We are dedicated to provide fund administrators, fund managers and crypto-companies in Malta with easy-to-use tools to solve these problems.

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