Meet the team – Michal Šafránek, Co-Founder and COO

Crypkit is a platform that brings the all-rounded solution to cryptocurrency tracking and reporting. It was built by the market professionals for the market professionals. We have experienced some of the hurdles when it comes to tracking and analyzing investment performance in crypto first hand. It was out of necessity, but also passion and willingness to give back, that we have approached solving this problem not just for ourselves but for other professionals alike. 

We take pride in what we accomplished as this was only possible through hard work and dedication. With this series of articles we are casting the spotlight on the team behind Crypkit that has been working hard behind the scenes to bring this solution to the market. 

First, we are talking to our co-founder and Chief Operations Officer – Michal Šafránek.

Michal, can you tell us more about yourself. What is your background? 

I am 31 years old. I studied high-frequency technology, encryption and data transmission at the Czech Technical University. In my spare time I like reading, spending time with friends, playing various sports and hiking in the nature far from civilization. 

How is it that you are in project management today? 

Both my father and my uncle had an entrepreneurial spirit so I adopted that mindset early on. I started developing my own ideas already in high school and have worked on many projects since I was 17. I always felt the need to challenge and improve myself. During that time, I developed basic qualities such as responsibility, diligence, maintaining schedules, reliability and accountability towards others – all of the qualities that are desirable in a project manager. Later on, as I progressed, I started attracting like-minded people and circumstances propelled me forward.

How did you find out and enter the cryptocurrency market?

Before Crypkit, I did a lot of projects (up to 4 projects at a time) but that was overwhelming! I started looking for “the one” project that I could fully immerse myself into. At that time, I connected with a lot of new people and became interested in investing. I started searching for people associated with the word “Investor” on LinkedIn as I wanted to reach out to someone in hopes that I would learn more about investment strategies. This is how I found Fiskantes – Crypkit co-founder – at the beginning of 2017. He was the one who also introduced me to the cryptocurrency market.

How did it happen that you co-founded Crypkit?

We discussed the topic of cryptocurrencies many times. I was always very impressed by Fiskantes and his passion for crypto. Blockchain appeared to me as a very interesting technological solution to many problems of today’s civilization (plus, I also recalled my years in college, where we learned about encryption and similar technologies). Shortly after, I began to realize that we found what we were looking for and that has not changed to this day. We first became partners of Devmons s.r.o. (the company behind the Crypkit application) and later proceeded onto establishing a business that I enjoy the most – it is a field connected with finance, interesting technologies and technological shift.

What kind of hurdles did you experience in implementing this idea? 

Together with Fiskantes and others, we have been working on the Crypkit application since November 2017. During that time we went through many both pleasant and unpleasant situations. We improved in many areas e.g. running a business, finding a market fit and investors, communicating with clients and the internal team. It has been a very enriching experience.

Where do you see your biggest contribution to the project? 

My main work is to “steer this ship” so to speak, so that we sail rather smoothly without running aground or into an impending storm. I strive to create ideal conditions for each member of our team and try to connect them so that everything works well. With the combined and well-coordinated effort, Crypkit application can truly change the crypto world. 

You say that Crypkit can change the crypto world, how so? 

The vision of the Crypkit application is simple: we want to help our clients have all their important data in one place. This in turn will give them the freedom to focus on making the right investment decisions as well as doing their company’s accounting correctly. Our current and future customers are casting their financial votes in a proper direction by upvoting the valuable projects on the market. In that way we can assist in separating value from invaluable and help propel this decentralized revolution in the right direction.  

Awesome. Thank you for your time! Where is the best place people can reach out to you if they’d like to? 

I am always happy to connect with people as you never know what the conversation can bring. The best way to chat is through my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to send me a request and I will be looking forward to connecting and exchanging ideas.

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