New Wizards on The Block

“…the world is not anymore the way it used to be, um um um no no no…”
– Carlos Matos

Title of this blogpost may seem a bit cryptic. But we allow ourselves the freedom to post this kind of short opinion pieces now and then.

This one is about powerful fictions, running our lives. The main idea is presented by Israeli historian Yuval Harari:

We exist in world ruled by fictions:

  • Religions
  • Nation states
  • Law
  • Companies
  • Money

These are the most powerful constructs in the world. They give us jobs, protect us, punish us, tell us how to behave, they control vast amounts of resources and have great value.

However, they are not real in the physical sense. They are created just as a human idea, story, fiction.

As if they were created by magic. And there are wizards commanding this magic among us. First were the shamans and priests, wielding the magic of religion, imposing laws and judgements, taking care of many affairs of others. After them came powerful wizards of state and trade – politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, financiers…

But now we see new kinds of fictions emerging:

  • Software
  • Internet
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Videogames

The whole digital world is another great fiction – it doesn’t exist in physical sense and it is entirely created and shaped by us. And it is becoming more and more powerful.

Digital domain is ran by new class of wizards – programmers, software engineers and hackers.

Current law, state and finance wizards will be slowly losing their influence to these new wizards, the same way the first wizards – shamans and priests lost most of their power centuries ago.

This is one of the reasons we are betting so heavily on increasing value of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and digital assets. They are vehicles transferring some of our fictions to the realm of digital space, making some of them obsolete and creating new fictions. Thus making our human progress even more efficient. Without being overly hyped up and using terms such as “new paradigm”, we really feel optimistic about the crypto space.

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