Our Mission In Crypto

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralized consensus, tokenization, digital assets.

All these buzzwords are resonating in minds of many, especially after huge price jump of 2017. 

But below all the buzz, there is also slow technological and social shift, that makes us ask fundamental questions about the structure of our society:

  • What is money?
  • Why it is valuable?
  • What or who do we trust with it?
  • How can we minimize need for trust?
  • Can algorithms be part of our legal contracts?
  • Can a purely digital asset have sustainable value?
  • And most importantly: When moon? 🙂


We believe it is safe to say, that Bitcoin is revolutionary as alternative to current financial system. It is being build from ground up and provides an anti-thesis to centrally controlled, inflationary monetary system of nation state.

Also some other blockchains and cryptocurrencies are very anti-systemic.

Monero is pushing for absolute privacy (scandalous idea to powers that be) and Ethereum is empowering anyone to create automatically enforced smart contracts and arbitrary currencies (tokens) – with all the pros and cons that go with it.


There are also projects, that do not aim to be revolutionary and disrupt status quo. They rather aim to improve upon current already established systems by minimizing the need to trust a third party and being borderless and efficient.

Companies and governments can use blockchains as immutable proof of existence systems. Technological startups can build self-incentivized communities and platforms on top of it.
Fintech companies can create remittance or other  financial services in countries with poor banking infrastructure.
…and much more.


Markets and crypto-space are tied together. Most of the innovations happening here are directly investable, because they are represented by some kind of digital asset, that can be stored and traded. No technological revolutions in the past were as directly investable even by common guy, as cryptocurrencies, blockchains and tokens.

What´s also interesting is, that majority of these assets are not equities of companies nor debt instruments. That makes these new kinds of assets pretty hard to value. Thus they are alien to traditional financial world and investing models. Investors and speculators are grappling with high volatility and questionable utility of these assets. They are formulating opinions and investment theses on the go, while prices are fluctuating wildly.

Noise vs Signal:

Reasons above are what mostly excites us about this new crypto-space. However, it also attracts many bullshit vendors, scams, or clueless crowds wanting to get rich quick and investors who are easily manipulated into making bad financial decisions.

We believe, that after few waves of initial hype, we are slowly entering a sobering phase. Phase, during which people will start asking many painful questions about viability and future of these assets. Phase, during which smart investors will shift their focus more and more from media and opinion leaders towards objective data and fundamentals.

Our mission:

Crypkit is here to serve those smart investors and traders who:

  • aim for clarity in the noisy world of crypto investing and trading.
  • want instant access to all important data from one place.
  • don´t waste their time with tasks that can be easily automated.
  • focus on things that are important – making better investment decisions

Crypkit aims to solve this problem and become the ultimate tool for DECRYPTING THE CRYPTO MARKETS.

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