We visited ETHCapetown hackathon

When we said, we are active in crypto community, it wasn’t just an empty phrase. We really think that in order to understand the market, technology and our users, we need to talk with them often.

Crypkit serves crypto funds, investors, traders and crypto companies, developing data analytics, dashboards and tools working with blockchains. Being in touch with latest development on various blockchain platforms is thus necessary for us.
Ethereum has currently one of the most vibrant developer community, and we are glad to be a part of it. Last year, Fiskantes, our co-founder, was also discussing crypto blockchain governance on panel discussion with Vlad Zamfir.

Keeping in touch with Ethereum community aligns with one of the new modules we are developing – Payments tracking. Some blockchain companies (such as ICOs) have many ETH addresses with tokens, using them for payments and bounties and struggle to keep track with all of them. Our tool will help them managing their addresses and do accounting.

This year, Fiskantes was accepted as a mentor for Ethereum Global Hackathon in Cape Town as a support for teams who were BUIDLing new, decentralized projects on top of Ethereum.

We attended the hackathon as well as crypto side events happening in Cape town during that time.

Short summary of what we found particularly interesting on the hackathon:

  • While still very early, Vyper is slowly replacing Solidity as a smart contract language on Ethereum
  • Raiden network (Ethereum equivalent of Bitcoin Lightning network) is still small, but gains traction and can be implemented for micropayments.
  • The most winning team on hackathon successfuly used Raiden, DAI stablecoin and Burner wallet in order to create payment solution for stream on streaming dApp Livepeer.
  • Vitalik Buterin also attended, giving a keynote and interview, praising DeFi (Decentralized Finance) as one of the biggest use cases for Ethereum.
  • One of the biggest advantages of DeFi is easy access to all financial data (thanks to public blockchain), which means researchers can analyze data of the projects in real time. Data analysis of blockchain data will be a focus for Crypkit Analytics tool in near future…

We thank organizers of ETHCapetown hackathon and look forward to new development within Ethereum community.


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