What’s new? DeFi support, Crypto Accounting and improved UI/UX

Launching DeFi support

As the DeFi sector continues to make new highs, and more and more institutional investors are starting to participate, we have been working on adding tracking support for some of the most notable DeFi projects. We’re proud to announce that Crypkit now supports: 0x, Aave, Compound, Nexus Mutual, Synthetix, ygov.finance.

Operations and services on these platforms can now be tracked automatically by using smart contracts and sorting the data in the new front-end view in Crypkit (Assets/Portfolio table). All you need to do is input the relevant blockchain address under Asset Sources and Crypkit will start tracking. If you already have a blockchain address linked, the data will be automatically pulled and updated.

In addition to supporting more DeFi platforms, we have implemented one super useful PnL tracking feature which is debt. The value of your debt is deducted from the portfolio and you can see both the portfolio value of all of your assets and the “net worth” value. This means that you don’t have to manually deduct debt from your your portfolio.

Users can see all of the assets which they have locked in smart contracts of supported DeFi services. They can see their claimable rewards as well.

UI/UX improvements 

Recently, we have released a lot of UX and UI changes and we are still working on further improvements that will make it easier for our customers to interact with the platform. We believe that now the feel is more intuitive and straightforward.

Updated dashboard view

In the near future, we are planning to introduce “a wizard” that will help our clients to get accustomed to the platform upon logging in for the first time and setting up the dashboard. Additionally, the platform will include a toggle option between the light and dark mode.

On top of it, we are working on data sources improvement. This means that users will be able to work more easily with the manually entered data (so called “non active” data) using the buy/sell/transfer options which are standard in the industry .

The fully functional Accounting Module

Our Accounting Suite is fully functional, tested and ready for crypto companies to use. You can do all of your crypto accounting in one place – automatically track, report and tag your transactions, create your chart of accounts, add suppliers, customers and more. Various reports are available too – balance sheet, full PnL reports – all the data is exportable into .pdf or .csv formats.

Our platform has all the features of the standard accounting suite with added crypto support, it does not rely on 3rd party integrations (which saves you a lot of time and potentially – a lot of hassle with wrong/missing reports).

We hope that with this solution we will enable our clients to drive further credibility into their business and increase trust with their own customers. 

What’s ahead? 

In the near future we will include more DeFi platforms and services like Uniswap LPs, SushiSwap LPs Balancer LPs and farms too. After that, we will start with Curve, BadgerDAO, 1inch and others.

We plan on adding support for the newer blockchains like Terra (+ mirror.finance farms), DOT, SOL and continue improving on our UX and UI.

In the professional money management world data is everything so our team is looking to integrate support of downloading historical data from CEXes like FTX, Binance, Kraken and we would like to start working with WebSockets for data streaming – so our clients see their data immediately upon connection to Crypkit.

We encourage you to try our free trial so you can check it all out risk-free today. 

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