Why we are active in crypto community

It’s no secret that our co-founders are active members of crypto-community. Matej, who is taking care of our product vision, is regular attendee in Progress bar – hacker space focused on crypto.

Last year, Matej attended a panel discussion about blockchain governance and vision. Other attending panelists were Ethereum researcher Vlad Zamfir, crypto and blockchain researcher Harry Halpin and activist hacker Amir Taaki. Event was moderated by Peter Kris, CEO of blockchain dev studio Block Unison.

The discussion was quite lively. It touched number of topics such as various cultures around blockchain and critique of current crypto environment.

Matej was speaking from the point of view of crypto investor, who is essentially looking into governance as a tool to maximize success probability of the networks he is invested in.

You can watch the video from panel discussion here.

Earlier this year, Matej also gave a talk on current crypto bear market and how can investors mitigate the downside and thrive in this tough market cycle.

We believe these insights might be helpful for Crypkit users as well. We encourage you to watch video from the talk: How to survive bear attack.

Together with Progress bar cowork and crypto community, we are preparing more exciting crypto content.

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