Zee Prime Capital invests in Crypkit

Crypkit was self funded and bootstrapped from the midst of 2018 bear market. We managed to develop MVP – portfolio tracking, backoffice and reporting tool for crypto funds. This module received great feedback from the market and now it is time to step up our game.

In order to continue with development of other modules (like staking modules, payment tracking and accounting), we decided to raise capital via seed round. We wanted to find a VC, that would be not only crypto-positive, but most importantly helpful and ready to provide us with valuable feedback and synergies.

Luckily, we found such a partner – Zee Prime Capital, private investment fund from local crypto community in Progressbar.

We asked Matti, a partner at Zee Prime, to answer couple of questions for us:

What can you tell us about yourself?

Not much. I am a partner at Zee Prime Capital, an investment firm/private fund based in Bratislava. We are investing in programmable assets and early stage companies such as yourself. I am actively participating in the management of the portfolio.

What attracts you to crypto and blockchain?

Challenging status-quo.

How do you think crypto and blockchain ecosystem will develop in the next two to three years?

I think we’ll witness a significant improvement in fundamental parameters e.g. scalability, developability (tooling) and the usability (UX) for end-users. In three years time we might see some new business models, previously deemed unthinkable. But I must be vague because I am not entirely sure what those will be.

What is the idea behind Zee Prime Capital?

Building an investment structure that can support moonshots while delivering (hopefully) extraordinary returns. We think of this as a historic moment and we wanted to take part in it.

Why have you decided to invest in Crypkit?

‘Practicality’ is the word that sums this up. It was refreshing to meet a team that is down to earth and focuses on delivering pragmatic use case. Also, we immediately became users. ‘Invest in what you want’ was an investment thesis in this case. We were excited to invest in a company from our region.

What is the advice you would give to founders of Crypkit and other crypto startups?

I’ll quote a greater mind than mine. Those founders/investors
who limit themselves to what seems normal and reasonable in light of human history are unprepared for the age of miracle and wonder in which they now find themselves’.

Thanks for your time and great answers Matti. Crypkit team is really looking forward to cooperation with Zee Prime.

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