Crypkit for Fund Managers (Enterprise)

Crypkit Enterprise provides a holistic tool for investment funds, family offices, asset managers and portfolio managers who are focusing on cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets.

Investment and trading professionals, such as Sigil Fund, use Crypkit not only to manage their positions and trading but also as a back office system to automate everyday tasks connected with running an investment fund.

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Keep track of your fund's investors and shareholders, their deposits, withdrawals, current share value and paid fees. Assign different roles to accounts and share fund fees with your affiliates. Give your investors access to information 24/7.


Set admin and performance fees and method of calculation. Calculate NAV and deduct fees for every fund investor separately. Calculate high watermark. Distribute part of the fees to assigned affiliate accounts.

Fund Shares

If your investment fund is issuing various classes of shares, simply define your share model in initial setup. Crypkit automatically calculates share values as well as distributes and equalizes multiple series of shares based on your shareholder structure.

Core Features

Trade History + PnL

History of all your trades, profits of losses (by cryptocurrency pair or by exchange).

Manual Entry

Enter your trading positions manually.

Portfolio Simple Chart

View the structure of your portfolio in simple chart.

Performance Chart

View the profitability of your portfolio and trading in equity graph.

Exchange Balance

Track balances on all of your crypto-exchanges.

Allocation Charts

Visualize your asset allocation by different criteria, such as segment allocation, or ratios between such as crypto/fiat, bitcoin/altcoins exposure.

Asset Performance

Track performance and other metrics (such as sharpe ratio) of given assets.

Portfolio Table

See details of your current portfolio as well as changes and structure of portfolio during past dates.

ICO Support

Enter your ICO positions. Once ICO tokens become liquid on exchanges, Crypkit will start to track their current price automatically.

Portfolio Maker

Make a simulation portfolio and compare it’s performance with other assets on historical chart.

Rebalance Tool

Set target portfolio allocation and compare it to your portfolio. Find out what to buy and sell to get your target allocation.

Export & Import Data

In development: Export all necessary data from exchanges in one unified, easy to read format.


Filtering of Coins

Filter crypto assets by chosen metrics.


Create watchlists of crypto assets you want to analyze and track longterm.

Market Vizualisations

In development: View crypto market data, such as correlation graphs and market maps.

Price Alerts

In development: Set up alerts that will notify you, when price of chosen crypto asset hits a given level.

Predefined Metrics

In development: Understand fundamentals and market data by analyzing metrics such as NVT.

Create Custom Metrics

In development: Create your own metrics and ratios that will give you more insight into crypto assets.


In development: Be notified about market moving news and events in real time.

Arbitrage Alerts

In development: Set up your own alerts that will give you a heads up about arbitrage opportunities between coins and exchanges.

Trading Integration & Funds

Leaflet Maker

Create prospectus and investor documents easily by exporting chosen fund data to document format.

Base Currency Fund

Set base (reference) currency for your fund, in which you calculate PnL and fees (both crypto and fiat currencies are possible)

Manage Fund Settings

Set fees, equalisation dates and other properties of your investment fund.

Manage Clients

CRM that helps you organize all data of your fund's investors, their fees, deposits and withdrawals.

Account Roles

Assign different rights to different accounts, such as admin account, trader account, affiliate account and investor account.

Shares Integration

Fund share value calculation, equalisation and issuance of different classes of shares for share based investment funds.

Trading Desk

In development: Safely trade on multiple exchanges from one platform.

Trade Flagging

In development: Be notified of suspicious trades made by your fund traders.