Gnosis becomes a Crypkit customer

Gnosis joins the Crypkit accounting platform customer base

We are happy to announce Gnosis Ltd. has joined the family of Crypkit customers. Gnosis is spun out of Consensys, the largest Ethereum development studio in the world, and is a top-tier token project whose core mission is to build new market mechanisms for open finance, including creating an entirely new asset class conditional tokens that enable prediction market platforms. Gnosis raised one of the most successful ICOs in early 2017 and has grown into a successful organization with an expanding community and developer ecosystem over time.

With a growing number of crypto wallets and transactions, Gnosis noted a surging need for financial oversight and analytics over its crypto portfolio. Gnosis chose Crypkit accounting platform over a number of other options, appreciating Crypkit is easy to use and offers plenty of helpful features:

When I first connected our crypto wallets and exchanges to Crypkit, I quickly appreciated how logical and well structured Crypkit is. I could find every data point exactly where I´d expect it. All our analytical and accounting information is just one click away,” says Steven Borg, VP Finance at Gnosis.

DLT organizations like Gnosis will appreciate mostly these features of Crypkit:

  • Portfolio oversight 24/7 based on the automated process.
  • Complete ledger of transactions including the historical movements in blockchain wallets and crypto exchange accounts.
  • Ability to classify a payment into respective cost center.
  • Advanced filters and rules for batch classifications.
  • Elaborated user roles with admin tiers, customizable accesses and collaborative features with the ability to track past actions of every user.
  • Ability to export all the ledgers and tables in the required format.
  • Correct tracking of various smart contracts and systems of smart contracts.

With every accounting client there are usually specific requests. In Gnosiss case this included a few advanced details in smart contract transactions, such as the correct classification of fees both incurred in wallet as well as estimated by the relay inside the smart contract, or multiple requests on the format of Export and API connections. We have taken care of these within our usual sprint deployment cycle:

I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of tailor-made developments by Crypkit team. They shipped all the must-haves within 3 weeks. Where needed they consulted the Ethereum developers from their network,” says Steven Borg, VP of Finance at Gnosis.

We are extremely grateful for comprehensive feedback received from Gnosis and specifically Steven. His ability to articulate the requirements from the Finance side in a technical savvy way is impressive,” Pavel Stehno from Crypkit team reciprocates.

Steven and his team spent so many hours using Crypkit that they probably know the platform better than me by now. We receive useful feedback every week, which helps us adapt the Crypkit accounting platform for the daily needs of finance teams. Sometimes we feel we should be paying Gnosis, not the other way round.

The Crypkit – Gnosis collaboration offers a great future opportunity for improving Crypkit and its integrations with Gnosis Group products such as Sight prediction market platform, the Gnosis Safe Multisig, and their upcoming trading protocol, as well as going deeper together on Gnosis’ accounting needs.

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