Our hackathon and open-source efforts

We don’t say no to a challenge! Crypkit team participated in a Hack To The Moon hackathon, organized by Rockaway Blockchain, Binance, Matic, TOP Network, Oasis Labs in Prague. The venue – famous Hacker space Paralelni Polis.

Together with other multi-national teams, we spent the weekend coding a rough MVP. We wanted to hack directly on top of native Binance X and we decided to build a advanced Binance chain block explorer.

Binance X is built on Tendermint, so it provided us with the opportunity to learn the ropes with data on Tendermint like chains. We managed to hack together full backend solution, but did not finish the frontend in time.

We plan to release full block explorer as intended by the end of this year. In the meantime, you can find open-source backend of the system HERE.

We also included Binance chain support to our open-source python library BlockAPI.

BlockAPI integrates APIs from multiple explorers for 20 cryptocurrencies and blockchains (see readme for currently supported projects). Some even include more APIs for redundancy, some UTXO coins support xpub addresses as well as standard ones.

Our team is keen on supporting crypto ecosystem with developing useful open-source tools.

Feel free to leave us feedback and contribute!

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